About Me


Hi! I'm Coral Mia,

a Minneapolis, MN based wedding and engagement photographer.
Originating from a small farm town in Iowa, I moved to Minneapolis in 2012 to attend college
in downtown Minneapolis. Just a few blocks from the Vikings Stadium.
While attending college, I met a local photographer who took me under their wing where I learned the beauty of photography. This is where I fell in love with people, specifically the connection between two who are madly in love. I am passionate about documenting love in its rawest and most genuine form through images that encapsulate your quintessential day. 
Whether you are having a wedding with a crowd of 400 or are looking to elope, I'm up for the adventure! It's your day! It’s ALWAYS about the couple, about YOU.
By cultivating a space of comfortability and depth, the aim is to capture your story. And to be as unobtrusive as possible to allow room for the most raw and authentic images.
I love the real stuff - your quirky smiles, the way your eyes sparkle in connection, how you make each other laugh without speaking a single word. In the most joy-filled, goofy moments and the most intimate ones as well,
my aim is to capture the unique YOU! 

Photography Style:

- Photojournalistic

Bucket List:

- Yosemite National Park

- Amalfi Coast, Italy

- Santorini, Greece

- Nashville, TN




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